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Ten Horns, Ten Nations

The nation-state of Israel is only one of the ten nations of Israel [prophetically, in Daniel and Revelation, the ten horns] today with a national identity according to what Israel told his twelve sons, including his son Judah, the Jews, in the last days prophecy of Genesis 49. We need to point out that the nation-state of Israel today, however, is run by a Zionist rather than a rabbinical or Jewish government. [See Zionism].

The process of ten nations of Israel having national identities again began during the Roman Empire. “The fourth beast [Rome] shall be the fourth kingdom upon earth … and the ten horns out of this kingdom are ten kings that shall arise ….” [Dan. 7:23, 24]. The ten horns are separate from the seven heads in Revelation 17 [See the Feature article, Revelation 17: Big Brother]. Rome was the fourth head. The ten horns should not be confused with the ten toes of the fifth kingdom in Daniel 2. As intended, the process of the sons of Israel becoming nations once again was set in motion by Christ’s death and resurrection. Much of what was the western empire of Rome became the geographical home to nine of the ten nations of Israel. The successor to the fourth beast in Nebuchadnezzar’s dream, the fifth head or empire did not rule this territory except for that of the current day nation-state of Israel. [See the Feature article, A Funny Thing Happened …].

The Frankish empire’s Treaty of Verdun in 843 CE opened the way for the establishment of France, Israel’s son Reuben, and the nations of Western Europe eventually including Germany and Italy. The Norman invasion in 1066 up to the Magna Carta in 1215 led to the establishment of England, one son of Joseph, Ephraim and the British Empire. All these are indigenous Christian nations. The eastern leg of the Roman Empire, the fourth empire of Daniel two, lasted until 1453 in Constantinople.

But it was the western leg of the Roman empire that gave rise to the nations of the House of Israel. Christ said at his first coming that he did not come to bring peace on Earth but a sword. The nation-building history of Europe is the history of the nations of the House of Israel fighting each other in wars that eventually led to our modern nation-states today.

By the beginning of the 14th century, we see more clearly the emergence of the Nordic countries especially Denmark, the Spanish, the Portuguese, the Dutch, the French and the English. During this period of nation building and the quest for empire building, it was the ever-changing alliances and wars between these nations with access to the sea more than the relatively landlocked countries in central Europe that spread their trading enterprises all over the world just as the prophecies of Genesis said they would.

After centuries of struggles and nearly constant wars, the bid for establishing a world empire finally came down to the French and the English. France is the nation of Reuben while the British are a son of Joseph, specifically Ephraim as we see in Genesis 49. Reuben was the firstborn son of Israel by his wife Leah. However, Israel's love was for his wife Rachel. She was barren until finally she gave birth to Joseph. This is the same Joseph of The Technicolor Dreamcoat.

When Isaac was about to die, he asked Joseph to bring his children, Manasseh and Ephraim, to him. Isaac blessed both of them, and even though Ephraim was the younger, he was blessed to take the place of Reuben [1 Chron. 5:1] as Israel's firstborn with regard to the birthright. [Gen. 48:16-20; also see the Feature article, Is The US, And UK In End-times Bible Prophecy?].

Thus Ephraim, who we know today as the English, was elevated to the position of firstborn among his brothers passing over Reuben. When it came to the 17th and 18th century, it was these two brothers, Reuben and Ephraim who fought long and hard to establish a world empire. But as the Genesis birthright prophecies made clear, Ephraim was blessed as the firstborn among all his brothers. And finally, it was the British Empire who reigned supreme at the Congress of Vienna in 1815 after defeating the Corsica-born Napoleon Buonaparte and his Continental System [a pre-Brexit Brexit] aimed at thwarting Britain's trade in Europe, that restored the monarchy to France after the revolution of 1789.

The description in the last days prophecy of Genesis 49 regarding Judah, the Jews, the nation-state of Israel partially says, “Judah is a lion’s whelp .…” This means Judah is a lion’s cub or was born of a lion. After World War I, the British Empire captured a large portion of the Ottoman Empire in the Middle East, which became known as British Palestine. After World War II, a portion of this British territory became the Jewish nation-state of Israel. The historic symbol of the British Empire, Israel’s son Joseph, is a standing lion. Judah’s national identity was born of a lion exactly as our patriarch Israel said. US [Manasseh] President Harry Truman was the first to recognize the nation-state of Israel.

The Jews, the House of Judah, descendants of Israel’s son Judah, are a one-twelfth part of all Israel today. Nine other sons of Israel currently have national identities just like the Jewish nation-state of Israel. The US and nations of Europe are among them. The descendants of Israel’s other two sons, Levi and Simeon, according to Genesis 49 are scattered among the ten nations of their brothers. The Antichrist will rule over the ten nations of Israel before being destroyed. [See Rev. 17:12, 16; Obadiah v.18]. It’s all about the Genesis Birthright.

We are blind to all this because Christians refuse to believe Christ when he very plainly said, “I am not sent except to the lost sheep of the House of Israel.” We need to move past the Antichrist myth that we are just a bunch of gentiles. Christians are not gentiles, at least according to Christ and God the Father who sent him. [See the Sneakers article, The Prophetic Ten Today].

Isn't it a bit strange, however, that as descendants of the House of Israel, we have cloaked ourselves in the fog of "gentileness?" [See the Feature article, Moving Forward]. Christ was so clear in telling the apostles not to go to the gentiles. [Mat. 10:5]. Yet, here we are thinking we're gentiles. If we wonder how easily swayed we were by losing our sense of ancestry, all one has to do is look at Sweden today. They are a transculture country. Nominally, they are said to be Christian. However, they are all but rolling over and playing dead for Muslim refugees. [See Sweden Handing Over The Money]. They are teaching Muslim men how to have sex with their women. [Sex Manual]. We may look at this and wonder what has gotten into the Swedish psyche that they would so willingly go in this direction. But once down the proverbial slippery slope, there's no stopping until you reach bottom. [UN: Sweden A 3rd World Country By 2030].

And the same is true of all the nations of the House of Israel when it comes to our heritage. The nations of the House of Israel today, US/Manasseh/Joseph, UK/Ephraim/Joseph [see Gen. 48], Germany/Benjamin, sons of Israel and Rachel; France/Reuben son of Israel and Leah, are the biggest NATO contributors. Esau/Edom dominion, Gen. 27:38-40. Genesis 49.

We have abandoned the love of the truth of the word of God. So we too are on the same slippery slope as Sweden. It's only that they have gone down the slide in front of us. But we'll all end up at the bottom together. We call it the "Apocalypse." [See the Sneakers article, A Life And Death Pickle Of A Predicament].

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“The fourth beast [Rome] shall be the fourth kingdom upon earth … and the ten horns out of this kingdom are ten kings that shall arise ….”