Updated: Why Do We Believe The Lies?

We live in a society in which lies, and the duplicity of wars are homogenized. Mass corporate media spoon feeds us this incessant scripted ignorance and deceit proffered as valid information. Propagandized sound bites, and depraved talking points are put forth as knowledge. And a nouveau immoral compass takes the place of balanced, principled moral thought. National myths, innuendo, false allegations and bogeymen in our "post-truth" society are created for the express purpose of centralizing power in the hands of the few through fear much like 1930's Germany. Yet, when a word of contrary truth is uttered to the masses, the machinery of corporate media and compromised government political forces indiscriminately rail against it as if it were some grotesque malignancy in need of immediate extermination. Inevitably, we are showered with legions of lies, like so much confetti at a NYC Wall Street parade. Big Brother deems this around-the-clock lying, and lying about their lying, as necessary for their own maligned purposes for global domination in our society increasingly absent the rule of law. In its place, we have the rule of double-dealing elites playing with our national destinies and lives in a shell game writ large, for whom the light of the truth is a dark and fearful abomination. Evil versus good. Lies versus truth. The genesis of the ancient conundrum launched with a lie. Millennia later, the wide gate and broad way are an overgrown thicket of lies, choking off the narrow pathway to the truth. How have we as a people missed the mark so badly?


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I’d Like An Ottoman To Go With That!, The Blind Man's Elephant

I was sitting on my four-piece sectional the other day reading Stephen Hawking’s book, A Brief History Of Time, and I just couldn’t get completely comfortable. At first I wasn’t sure what it was. As I waited for the psychological arrow of time that pointed into the future, where my answer was moving towards me eventually making it to the present, I realized my four-piece sectional was missing the defining piece, an ottoman. I immediately rushed down to the local store where I had purchased the sectional and said, “I’d like an ottoman to go with that!” A few days later I was happily ensconced on my four-piece sectional with the missing fifth piece, my ottoman, comfortably in place under my feet with all ten toes free to wiggle as they please.



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Continuing Benefits Of "White Privilege"

P.S. Is Sarcasm1 Racist Too? Well, Its Etymology Is Greek, And They Are White, So Probably

There are a considerable number of attacks, especially in universities, that somehow being white is inherently racist, privileged, or some other ridiculous identity envy epithet, as if to shame us. [White Skin Makes You Inherently Racist; ... and albinos?]. I remember when judging people by the colour of their skin was considered racist. The US has spent the past 60 years officially combating this attitude. Now, it's in vogue. And if you voice an opinion contrary to what is discussed in class, these modern day Pharisees want you thrown out. [Student Thrown Out Of Class For Thinking; one wonders how this university can have a class about Christianity as Christ was a white male, and therefore, a "white privilege racist," unless, of course, that's the point]. So, we mustn't have dissenting voices on our college campuses. We must bend young student minds to have them believe what we want them to believe. Agree and memorize, and you'll get along fine. Simple Simon says, hop in the box with all the other yellow pencils. [The Institutionalization Of Hate Under The Guise Of Social Justice And Diversity].



10 Things In The Bible Most People Don't Know

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