What Exactly Is The Gospel?

I keep reading that Christians need to get back to the gospel. Or that we've gotten away from the gospel. Or that we've got to get the gospel right. But what exactly is the gospel? We are told it's a divine purpose. It's a historical event. Okay, but what is it exactly? It seems there is no end of talk about The Gospel but very little telling us what exactly the gospel is and what specifically it means for those to whom it was delivered. It's almost as if it's kept vague intentionally and that we're just supposed to know what it is through some sort of religious osmosis.


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Christ's Return, The Hijacked Elephant

The Day of Trumpets, which heralds the beginning of the new civil year, in its duality marks the second coming of Jesus Christ. It is the day that Christians, unknowingly, have been looking forward to for millennia. And it was a high holy day that was observed millennia before that by the children of Israel. It's all part of the same story, just the circumstances of its characters have changed.



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Those Ordained To Eternal Life Believe, Not Vice Versa

This is a fundamental and critical inspired theological principle that runs contrary to the mistaken popular notion that you must "come to Jesus" in this life in order to go to Heaven, or you are doomed to Hell for eternity. Not everyone of the nations of Israel who heard Paul preach during his first missionary trip believed. And Luke, who is considered the author of the Book of Acts, is telling us here that there is a very good reason for this.



10 Things In The Bible Most People Don't Know

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